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The Mountaineer Leadership Academy (MLA) is an innovative leadership development initiative. MLA offers many of the essential tools required to improve performance, enrich team effectiveness, and energize the organization. The Academy was named the top higher education leadership and organizational development program in the annual Leadership Awards sponsored by to salute the world’s top leadership practitioners and programs. Click here to view the award announcement.

MLA is growing along with the leadership industry, and we are now able to offer more leadership development choices for more people through our enhanced approach. MLA is now comprised of an academy of Institutes working to build leaders across all levels. Each Institute is designed to focus on different groups of professionals in order to enhance the leadership skills of current and future leaders of West Virginia University and West Virginia higher education. Participants will learn areas of expertise based on five pillars of leadership (individual, interpersonal, managerial, organizational, or contextual skills).

The goals of the Academy are to facilitate innovative learning opportunities, strengthen leadership abilities and performance, promote cooperative partnerships, and support an employer-of-choice culture. In addition to formal learning opportunities facilitated by subject matter experts, participants are also encouraged to engage in informal learning opportunities and other types of development that are beneficial to each individual’s goals

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